The Project

READY WOMEN project purpose is to offer new opportunities and innovative instruments to women with physical and sensory disabilities for improving their qualifications and thus their levels of employability, thanks to an European cooperation established by an appropriate mix of complementary organisations coming from different fields but sharing characteristics and objectives. This instrument will introduce new methodologies and tools to make easier the training access, assessment and development of competences and their transference to the labour context, mainly through training actions related to the New Yields of Employment (NYE) and emerging sectors.

READY WOMEN project, implemented through a partnership that includes 10 organizations from 7 countries ( Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Latvia) , will allow reaching the following impact:

READY WOMEN project impact

The project will contribute to the Europe 2020 Strategy and targets regarding the role of education and training in social inclusion, empowering people and ensuring that citizens, in particular, adults disabled women with low levels of education, unemployed disabled women, and those who have left school early, can access lifelong learning and up-skilling throughout their lives and to improve their levels of employability and social skills.